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Tried & True

There's just something so inviting about a porch swing. It's the first place anyone chooses to sit to enjoy the weather, and we've always had one. Typically, the swing is hung in a direction to enjoy the best view. Sometimes this is obvious. In our first house, we pointed the swing in the direction of Hampton Park. In our second home, we situated it to see the Ashley River. But in our current home, there's a pool and marsh in the back but a large conversation, fireplace, and eating area underneath. We had to choose which direction to face the swing or occasionally, we would climb a step ladder to switch the direction of the swing (not an easy feat!) That has all changed with the Swivel Swing. We have two daughters ages 8 and 12, and they can effortlessly switch the direction of our porch swing to the direction or angle that suits us. The swing smoothly glides to any angle or position- even catty cornered- by just pulling a cord and turning the swing. It has really created a new outdoor atmosphere and seating area. We get plenty of comments and questions from family and friends who are excited to see a solution to their own dilemmas on which direction to hang their one-way swings. The hardware took less than 30 minutes to install and it is holding up well in Charleston's salty sea air and humidity. We will be using our Swivel Swing forever, because when we sell the house, the Swivel Swing comes with us!

Timothy A Barkley

Publisher, Charleston Home + Design Magazine

Host, Talking About a Home (a Home Show on the Radio)

Organizer, Charleston Home + Design Show

Charleston Home + Design Show on Daniel Island

Custom Home + Remodel Show

"While swinging on the porch, SwivelSwing lets me face the sun or the shade. It is easy to operate and works like a charm. Everyone would enjoy owning a SwivelSwing"

                                                John Martin, SC

                                                Retired and Loving it